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Spring Lab helps you take up
the challenges of innovation in the digital era.

Reinvent your core business

Spurred on by the rapid development of new applications and digital technology, pure players are emerging and offering cheaper innovative services even faster, thus changing traditional rules and value chains.

We help you reinvent your core trade and business model to fit this considerably changing environment so that you can offer your target clients the services and products that anticipate their future uses.

  • Strategic repositioning
  • Design of new products and services
  • Innovative business models
  • Prospective studies of new uses
  • Diversification strategy for target markets
  • Partnership strategy
  • International development strategy

Develop more projects, faster on the market

We facilitate creativity within your teams and promote the emergence of innovative projects by providing you with a broadened ecosystem.

We help you accelerate the time-to-market of your innovations and establish your phase lead.

  • New formats for the emergence of ideas
  • Animation of inhouse and external sourcing
  • Project acceleration programs
  • Open innovation programs
  • New startups / leading groups collaborations
  • Creation and coordination of innovative ecosystems
  • Support in the development of innovative projects
  • Networking with communities of experts and mentors

Manage digital projects successfully

The use of digital technology has developed quickly and spread widely from the private to the corporate spheres. It is an endless source of creativity and innovation for both public and private organizations.

Indepth knowledge of users' needs, quality of the user experience, a prospective approach to uses of tomorrow and expert knowledge of disruptive technologies are vital to the success of new digital services.

Because managing a digital project goes beyond traditional project management, we provide support so that you can imagine and roll out your digital projects with complete confidence.

  • Studies of uses and needs / customer insights
  • Design of services for users (users' scenarios)
  • Design of integrated customer journeys online/offline/web-to-store
  • Project management assistance for fast track digital services
  • Smart Content - smart editorial chain
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Digital communication strategy
  • Websites and apps audits
  • Studies of digital best practices
  • Prospective studies of disruptive technologies

Instill the startup mindset in your practices and business

Your innovation and transformation process only succeeds if your teams are fully mobilized and familiar with these new practices.

Together we leverage their entrepreneurial, open & creative spirit.

To do this, we help you design change management programs, based on exchange, co-construction and the broader sharing of experience with innovative ecosystems.

  • Intrapreneurship programs
  • Mentoring & coaching leading groups / startups
  • Networking within an innovative ecosystem
  • Management of innovative communities
  • Co-construction workshops
  • Community platforms for the dissemination of new practices
  • Evolution of trades and breaking down of silos in an innovative and digital context
  • Change management programs