Our "tested and approved" partners

Agencies, startups, freelances, experts: pick and choose depending on your goals.


Their mission is to shake you up, challenge you and build with you.

  • 01 Positive Impact
  • 01 Positive Impact
  • 02 Innovation
  • 03 Transformation Digitale
  • 04 Design
UX/UI Designer & Facilitator
Digital Designer
Ancre Noire
Serial entrepreneur
General Manager
Laurent CHARON
Open Innovation Director
AG2R La Mondiale

Our "tested and approved" partners

Agencies, startups, freelances, experts: pick and choose depending on your goals.

Digital communication agency that supports brands in the digital transition regarding their communication and trade. X-Prime Groupe
Producers of video prototypes for the live illustration of innovative concepts thought up and developed during Spring Lab sessions. Superpitch
Provider of Open Innovation and participatory innovation software solutions. Yoomap
Communication and events agency to think up and build your most innovative processes. Lemonchik
Startup sourcers to kindly challenge your project leaders while taking them to more disruptive ground. Whyers
Rocket Lab
Innovation Lab to captivate customers' experience of your digital transformation projects. Rocket Lab
W2P Digital
Digital communication agency specializing in creating innovative and experiential digital processes. W2P Digital
Open innovation and creative transformation agency that places the human being at the heart of sustainable and positive transitions. MNMS
Bluenove is a technology and consulting company that pioneers massive collective intelligence, advocates open innovation and is actively committed to civic tech. Bluenove
Fanvoice connects brands to their targets around co-creation projects or beta-tests. Fanvoice
Klaxoon is the best collaborative solution for daily efficient teamwork. Klaxoon
Providing trends reports and consumer insights to enable brands to better connect with consumers. REC
Openers helps its clients transform their models to move from an unsatisfactory present situation to a desired future that is unclear and evolving. Openers
At Home
At Home is a laboratory for startups where each entrepreneur combines work space, community and vision. At Home
La Collab
La Collab is a collective of marketing and communication experts specialized in digital. La Collab

Our environment

We leverage corporates at La Cité

La Cité, the heart of collaborative and sustainable innovation.

Within the campus At Home at La Cité, Spring Lab and At Home support companies in their transformation and innovation processes, with unique inter-company co-innovation formats and customized formats for each company.

What is La Cité ?

La Cité is the first innovation acceleration center in Occitania, promoted by the Occitania / Pyrenees-Mediterranean Region, for all companies that are preparing for the challenges of tomorrow and creating sustainable value.

Operate your transformation with At Home and Spring Lab at La Cité

Whether you are an executive, a manager or an employee, all year long, we offer you the opportunity to explore strong themes adapted to current issues.





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Promote the entrepreneurial spirit and draw on the best of the start-up culture to instill a new agility in your organization.


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