Spring Lab becomes a Mission Company

In September 2021, Spring Lab changes its statutes and becomes a Mission Company. And thus, our new purpose “to initiate the movement towards a desirable future” with a societal dimension, is at the heart of our statutes.


“A process to live up to our ambitions, to embody the company of our dreams in an open and transparent way and at the heart of a committed ecosystem.”

Vanessa Vierling, CEO Spring Lab.

Our statutory goals

#1 Reducing our environmental footprint

#1 Reducing our environmental footprint

  • By watching the consumption of our energy and water resources,
  • By opting for a circular management of our material and purchases,
  • By encouraging soft mobility,
  • And by being aware of the company's financial investments and their impacts.
#2 Creating the conditions for the development and commitment of our employees

#2 Creating the conditions for the development and commitment of our employees

  • By supporting the development of the teams' skills, whatever their hierarchical level,
  • By collectively assessing performance,
  • By taking care of and showing solidarity with each other,
  • By being aware of the biases that can hinder the creation of inclusive environments.
#3 Co-constructing an open and shared governance model

#3 Co-constructing an open and shared governance model

  • By involving our internal and external ecosystems in the making of decisions that structure the company,
  • By aiming for transparency of the company's data and decisions,
  • And by guaranteeing the protection of the data entrusted to us.
#4 Supporting women's entrepreneurship and women's enterprise development

#4 Supporting women's entrepreneurship and women's enterprise development

  • Carrying the voice of women's entrepreneurship and women's business development as far as possible,
  • By supporting the development of women's skills and personal growth within Spring Lab,
  • By actively participating in events dedicated to the professional emancipation of women,
  • And by ensuring a balance of speakers during our missions.

Our mission committee

The commitments made are monitored and challenged by an independent third-party organisation and supervised by a Mission Committee.

It is composed of 6 members: 1 client, 1 expert, 1 partner, 1 former employee, 2 employees elected by their peers.


CSR and Open Innovation Director, Laboratoires Expanscience, 1st laboratory to be awarded the B Corp label


Founder Balmoral, initiator of Tribe, co-founder Sustainable Brands


Journalist, founder of Telmi Studio


former Positive Impact Officer Spring Lab, right-hand woman to the CEO of Green-got


Spring Lab Change Director and Mission Manager


Innovation Project Manager, Spring Lab

Forward all

This approach is carried with the same voice by all the springlabbers.
Our message, resolutely committed and assertive, has come to life in the form of a slam.

A rhythmic and poetic format to support our commitments.

Lyrics – Forward all

Committed to a desirable future
Spring lab slams its flame
Innovate. Transform. Engage.


With one voice
We follow our new path
Let’s seize task with both hands.
Let’s create a desirable tomorrow
Let’s not wait, let’s do it today.


Strengthened by our convictions
We take action
Let’s be the company of our dreams

The dream does not stop at our door
Moving forward together. That is what drives us.
Transforming practices. Acting for a positive tomorrow.

Our purpose is made of iron
To make of our clients our best partners
Hand in hand, on the road to common good

Fourteen meaningful voices
To create an echo that resonates
And collectively reconcile economic performance and positive impact


To be the ones who initiate the movement
To awaken the spark in our clients
And ensure the meaning of our actions
Responsible. Sustainable. Impactful.


Combining the useful with the applicable
Wired to a broader mission
Let’s be value creators.


We have at heart to move the lines
Our actions are aligned with our values
Social. Social. Environmental.


Our common destiny
Is taking shape right now


Forward all.


Our common purpose
Is decided in the present


Forward all.


Slamming without slaloming
Aligned on our commitments
Drawing our new path


Drawing away from auto-satisfaction
The company changes its statutes


Let’s initiate a movement toward a desirable futur