* Study conducted by interviewing over 110 people and conducting nearly 30 interviews with leaders across all sectors, end 2020.

💬 “If we don’t know what tomorrow will be like, let’s create a tomorrow we want! Let’s accept that we live in an uncertain, volatile world that we can’t control. You can’t stop the sea with your arms. Let’s mobilise, let’s give back the power to do, the power of action to the people. We have to move forward, we have to act: then we can make mistakes, but we can learn.” Karen Lemasson, CSR and Open Innovation Director at Expanscience.

🌱 To ensure that the “world after” is not an empty word, we wanted to decipher it and understand the levers that will enable us to build new models: a new company, the one after, responsible, respectful of women, men and the environment.
(Re)building the company is a challenge that no one can ignore any longer. It is with this in mind that we have launched our study “The company after: between new fragilities and new possibilities.”
📣 3 markers and 3 paradoxes emerge between new fragilities and new possibilities (in pictures).

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Don’t miss the testimonies of Karen Lemasson – CSR and Open Innovation Director at Expanscience and Loïc Renard – Performance and Business Director at Orano DS and their energizing vision to re-construct this re-thought, re-invented, re-engaged company!

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