Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31 is a local banking, insurance and real estate cooperative that helps individuals, professionals and regional players to achieve their goals at every stage of their lives. Its mission? To create links, act and facilitate a sustainable future for all within its territories.

The context

Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31 wanted to define its business plan for 2024, amplifying the momentum it has already established while going further in terms of collective intelligence, internal and external openness, team commitment, as well as concrete productions and achievements. The objective? To think, together with its employees, directors and members, about the bank of the future by drawing inspiration from the best practices of the innovation ecosystem and by giving everyone the opportunity to take part in the construction of this new project but also in its implementation.

“It's the alliance of a physical & digital method combined with the collective strength of the Caisse Régionale Toulouse 31 that has made this approach innovative and in line with the expectations of customers, employees & citizens”
Stephane Boullay
Head of Transformation and Real Estate, Crédit Agricole Toulouse 31

The problem

How can we co-construct the next 2024 corporate project with all employees, directors and members through an engaging, unifying, learning and transforming experience?

Our mission


Co-construct an ambitious and transforming strategic project.
Designing and deploying a method of co-construction with clients, collaborators, administrators based on internal and external openness, the inspiration of all collaborators, massive physical & digital collective intelligence, learning through experimentation and new methods of animation and collaboration, creative and agile.


Create a memorable group experience.
Engaging internal and external stakeholders, territories and networks in a memorable experience where everyone finds their place and contributes in their own way: from the idea during a Grand Forum of Ideas where each employee was able to propose solutions for tomorrow, to the sprints that helped formalize and structure the projects, this 2024 project was a memorable participative and collective experience.


Acculturate and develop the skills of the teams.
To accompany the increase in skills of the teams and the cultural change on these methods and tools throughout the design phase of the project in order to make them actors even before its implementation.

What has changed for LE CRÉDIT AGRICOLE TLSE31 INVENTONS 2024

91% teammates participated, they increased their skills & were able to co-construct the project.

3500 ideas & proposed solutions which led to 3 structuring pillars for the new business project: customers, teammates, territory

160 spontaneous workshops were organized, allowing the experimentation and appropriation of methods and tools from the world of startups.

More than 40 companies met during the discovery of an ecosystem and its innovative good practices