Vestiaire Collective is a French company created in October 2009, the first online fashion and luxury goods store and is present in 80 countries. It is the 11th French unicorn.


Vestiaire Collective was created on a simple principle: to allow those who no longer wear their clothes to benefit those who want to buy them, thus avoiding the mass overproduction of the fashion industry, one of the most polluting industries on the planet. This is called: the circular economy. However, following the lightning growth of its activity and its workforce, Vestiaire Collective wished to remind everyone, including the tech teams, of the raison d'être and the original DNA of Vestiaire Collective: to consume less and better and to make the fashion industry evolve, modestly.

“The teams were committed, innovative and inventive, and at the same time they were very concrete: they had to answer a problem, which they synthesized perfectly. And for that, Spring Lab's help was obvious.”
Sophie Hersan
Vestiaire Collective Co-founder


How to address sustainability in the customer journey on the Vestiaire Collectif application?

Our mission


Design with Vestiaire Collective an event and a methodology based on collective intelligence, open innovation and design thinking, to solve concrete problems and accelerate projects.


Coaching for 5 days 3 teams to make them go from the idea to the concept and from the concept to the prototype and the project to create value for Vestiaire Collective's customers around 3 different themes: the carbon footprint, sustainability and circularity.


Remind Vestaire Collective's teams of the original DNA of the company and inspire each of them to put sustainability back into their daily mission, whether they are in accounting, marketing, or in the tech departments.

What has changed for VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE

3 projects developed and 1 selected by the clients and the COMEX to be implemented in May and to be integrated in the application and thus bring an even more responsible experience to the clients

The valorization of the Vestiaire Collective ecosystem through the involvement of external experts from their partnerships but also from 2 clients chosen in the final jury

An understanding of the steps and tools resulting from the design thinking method that all employees will be able to replicate at will on their daily projects

Sensitized employees having lived an intense collective experience demonstrating open innovation and transversality