With a recognized expertise, SARP, a Veolia subsidiary, is specialized in liquid waste. The subsidiary is also active in sanitation, bulding and air hygiene, caste collection and recovery and industrial maintenance.
Here is a few figures linked to SARP :
- 85 years of existence,
- Over 250 agencies in France,
- 6500 employees across France.


Since 85 years, the SARP group est a reference partner in the maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities and industrial equipment.
Since several years, the Veolia group is considered as the reference company for the ecological transformation. SARP, as a fully part of the group, wishes to be part of Veolia's strategy and the group's ecological transformation trajectory, while identifying its specificities in this field.

“Spring Lab helped us to design and structure the stakeholders governance and engagement to allow the Ecological Transformation to gradually become everyone's concern, from the top management to the field staff. ”
Yannick Ratte
SARP Managing Director


How to define an Ecological Transformation strategy, aligned with the Veolia group, while highlighting SARP's singularity ?

Our mission


Establish a diagnosis of the existing Ecological Transformation process, take inspiration on the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, interns and externs, and define the wished ambition.


Co-build the Ecological Transformation strategy, with a new narrative, strategic priorities and the engagements to incorporate the transformation throughout the jobs.


Define a large scale intern engagement plan to diffuse and facilitate the approopriation of the Ecological Transformation throughout all corporate levels.

What has changed for SARP – VEOLIA

A new shared vision, initiated by every stakeholders, composed by a purpose, a promess and strategic engagements.

Sensibilized employees and fully invested on the topic, which understands the challenges linked to the Ecological Transformation and which also apply it in their jobs.

The set up of a specific shared governance to the deployment and the implementation of the Ecological Transformation.