NAVBLUE is a new generation service company, wholly owned by Airbus and dedicated to Flight Operations & Air Traffic Management solutions.

The context

500 employees with multiple business profiles and business cultures, based in 3 countries. What a challenge to share common values! To undertake this challenge, NAVBLUE created the WORLDGAMES24: during 24 hours, on 3 geographical sites, 4 teams will play, co-design, prototype and discover new tools & ways of working in a unique collaborative adventure!

“I thought that Spring Lab was the best to transform my crazy idea (of a 24h global challenge) into a big and successful event (...). Therefore we asked them if there were ready to take the impossible mission on.”
Thomas Lagaillarde
Head of Flight Operations Engineering

The problem

How to design an experience and bring the "One Navblue spirit" to life for all employees through an engaging and memorable event while producing concrete and useful deliverables?

Our mission


Create and design the WorldGames24 experience and offer NAVBLUE employees a unique way to join in a seminar, both physical and digital, at crossroads of a game & a productive workshop.


Co-design the different challenges so that they answer in substance to the strategic goals of the company while meeting the needs of collaboration and interconnection between the sites.


Lead and facilitate the WorldGames24 while increasing the skills of local "ambassadors"; and therefore create a sustainable dynamic of change within the company.

What has changed for NAVBLUE WORLD GAME 24

The creation of the "One Navblue spirit" and a shared vision of corporate values

Employees that are more committed, more connected to each other, sharing an unforgettable common experience

A new digital environment and new ways of working experienced with a gamified approach to ensure the utmost level of appropriation

Concrete solutions prototyped to solve internal pain points and optimize the customer experience