Airbus is a global pioneer of the civil and military aeronautics and space industry.

The context

After structuring its Innovation function, Airbus wanted to equip itself with programs allowing it to accelerate the development of innovative projects, by capitalizing on these internal driving forces and the dynamism of the international innovation ecosystem within which it gravitates.

The format of a project accelerator was chosen with the aim of offering a program drawing inspiration from best practices in other industries.

“There is no innovation without human relationships. Spring Lab is above all a meeting of minds, with Vanessa, with her teams. I quickly realized that we shared a certain vision of innovation, an entrepreneurial vision.”
Bruno Guttières
Bizlab Director, Airbus accelerator

The problem

What positioning and program do you need to set up the world's first aeronautical project accelerator?

Our mission


Design and facilitate a method for co-building the positioning and the acceleration program with stakeholders.


Propose the main highlights of the intrapreneur/startup support program and the venue’s facilitation.


Train BizLab teams and coaches in the accelerator’s early life cycle.

What has changed for AIRBUS BIZLAB

Airbus Bizlab - Spring Lab

Innovative positioning: the first hybrid aeronautical accelerator for intrapreneurs and startups.

Formalization of a structuring recruitment and sourcing process for Airbus with regard to innovative.

A concrete support program with its dedicated gates and tools.

A precise mode of operation and team sizing for a successful roll out.