The EDF Regional Delegation in Occitania is responsible for supporting the coordination of the various EDF businesses in the region and is the driving force behind cross-cutting, regional and innovative projects.

The context

EDF's national internal project acceleration programme called "EDF Pulse La Chocolaterie", inaugurated in 2016, aims at training "intrapreneurs" and boosting the projects of employees who want to move the lines. The Occitania Regional Delegation wanted to launch La choco d'Oc, originally named "EDF Pulse Chocolaterie Occitanie", to support employees as closely to their needs and the region as possible.

“Spring lab has enabled the acceleration of internal projects thanks to the application of an innovative project management method. But above all, this programme is a wonderful human adventure, out of the box.”

The problem

How can we transform the innovation ideas of employees from the group's various business lines in the Occitanie region, into concrete & actionable projects in less than 3 months, while training the intrapreneurs on new, more agile and creative working methods?

Our mission


Accelerating projects :

Each team is accompanied for 3 months by a dedicated Spring Lab coach through 3 two-day workshops around product desirability, technical feasibility and economic viability. Each of these stages is designed to teach the intrapreneurs to put into practice entrepreneurial methods in order to move from an idea to a project, ready to be launched with a first prototype.


Create a collective experience & federate a community of mutual aid :

To propose a system that allows everyone to express themselves to their full potential, whatever their job and expertise, and to have all the project team benefit from it thanks to cross-fertilisation and challenge times between teams! And all this in a friendly and good mood!


Developing the skills of the teams :

To support the teams in their development of skills thanks to the methods and tools of Design Thinking and to give them the keys to the posture of intrapreneur in order to be able to continue to develop their project in complete autonomy at the end of the 3 months of support.

What has changed for EDF IN OCCITANIE CHOCO D’OC

An adventure that is above all human, with motivated, caring & supportive multi-business line teams.

More than 40 people were mobilised during the Demo Day to listen to and challenge the projects in order to accelerate the internal implementation.

Already 2 editions and 4 teams supported with a common deliverable: a structured project, a prototype, a business plan, a roadmap to 6 months and the keys to launch it!

A hybrid mode of work in a health crisis context, between proximity of support and social distancing