TOTAL, the major French oil and gas company, has set out to become the major responsible energy player. The Exploration and Production (E&P) branch represents the company’s historical activity.

The context

With the help of the Booster (TOTAL’s accelerator), the E&P Innovation Department sought to promote a new common culture within the E&P branch based on greater agility.

In order to embody this ambition, E&P has decided to organize a 2-day Innovathon with employees, start-uppers, prototypers and experts.

“Spring Lab’s utmost guiding principle: the ability to energize an entire process and people around a clear goal in 48 hours.”
Michael Offredi
Total Digital Ecosystem - Innovation Officer

The problem

How to imagine innovative solutions, in order to be more effective in E&P’s daily collaboration, while experimenting with new ways of working?

Our mission


Design a methodology with the Booster, based on collective intelligence, open innovation and design thinking, in order to solve concrete problems and speed up projects.


Coach 5 project groups over 2 days, in order to get them from idea to a project of value to E&P.


Arouse an entrepreneurial spirit among E&P teams by raising the power of collective intelligence and creativity, prototyping and pitch techniques.

What has changed for TOTAL INNOVATHONS

Total Innovathon Spring Lab

5 projects accelerated and sponsored at the highest level.

Allow the entire industry to embrace a new culture through the event’s internal visibility.

Experimentation and adoption of methods and tools from the world of startups.

Employees transformed by an intense entrepreneurial and group experience.